Tuesday, July 27, 2010

From Knitting Gramma to Motorcycle Mama?

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One of my darling husband's (dh) retirement goals for me is to ride on his motorcycle with him.  However, I have been somewhat reluctant--actually inwardly rejoicing when the weather has thwarted our plans to go for a ride.  Today he got me on the back of his Honda ST1100 for a trip that took us a little over an hour.  I was starting to relax a little by the time we got to our destination.  We were picking our car up at the shop so I only had to ride one way--whew!  I might just get used to it but am suggesting a few more short jaunts before we tackle one of his all day or weekend trips.

Funny story.  You knew I had one, didn't you?!!!  Well, about five years ago, dh had the idea he wanted me to ride with him so coaxed me to ride to Hermiston and back--a little more than an hour each way.  The only helmet he had for me was one of his old ones which was too big.  The whole trip I felt like a bobble-head doll with my wobbly helmet and my neck was sore for weeks.  I haven't ridden since till today.

This time I had a helmet that fit nice and snug and even had a fancy jacket to wear for protection.  However, we had to shed our jackets early on because of the heat.

Don't know if I will ever get comfortable enough riding on the motorcycle to do some knitting but that is my goal.  A nice little fanny pack with a grommet in the top to feed the yarn through.  Suggested projects for motorcycle knitters are socks, dish cloths and other small projects.  Some women really do knit while riding on the backs of motorcycles!!!  Can you see me now...Knitting Motorcycle Gramma!!!  I'll wave as we pass--if I'm not too busy knitting, that is:)))

Vroom! Vroom!  Kat
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