Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I am a Knitter--Part 2

After reading my post about being a knitter (and crocheter), I decided I needed to write an addendum.  You see, I love to start new projects; love to see new patterns start to reveal themselves; see how the yarn is going to look.  At that point, I want to move on and often do.  I knitted one sock!  I have six afghans 1/2 to 3/4 completed but I lost interest.  And there are the various other projects that didn't quite get finished.  I am a knitter with ADD!  This will be another item added to my growing list of things to do during retirement---finish ALL those unfinished projects!!!

I have been asked numerous times since deciding to retire--"What are you going to do?  Won't you be bored?"  First of all, boredom is a choice.  It will take me at least a year to finish all the unfinished projects I have and that's if I don't start any new ones.  And I will start new ones!!! Recently I saw a gorgeous shawl pin so need to make a shawl to put it on!

Well, here's to knitting a mate for my one sock before winter!  Kat

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