Thursday, July 29, 2010

Paper! Paper! I do LOVE paper!!!

Finally, my promised PAPER blog!  I have enjoyed paper for as long as I can remember.  As a child I loved to write so developed a pen to paper relationship.  As I grew older, I became aware of different paper textures and designs and started a paper "collection" of my favorites.  I used to insist that my husband have his business stationary printed on 25% cotton paper--very yummy stuff if you are a paper lover.  On our trips into Portland I wanted to stop at Arvey Paper.  It was a huge paper warehouse.  My hubby finally banned me from the store because I was like a kid in a candy store--I wanted it ALL!  Hmmm! It's been several years but I'll bet the store is still there.  Maybe I'll check it out sometime soon:)

Fifteen years or so ago I was introduced to the world of rubber stamping/paper crafts/scrapbooking.  I was in love!!!  Now I could actually DO something with my paper besides write on it!  Well, I am still a paper hoarder. I can't part with the last piece of any of my favorite papers. I even have journals I have deemed too pretty to write in.   I enjoy making cards, paper crafts and scrapbooking when I get the chance.  Last spring I saw a demonstration on making paper beads from scrapbooking paper.  I went nuts!  I made over 100 beads--every piece of paper suddenly made me wonder what it would look like as a bead!  Now there is even a paper punch that punches out buttons!  How cute is that?!!!

Recently, I sent my granddaughter a little purse gift card holder I made out of paper.  Instead of a gift card, I put a package of her favorite gum in it.  She was amused because as she said, "it was a package in a package in a package!"  I had put the purse in an envelope only to decide the gum needed a little more protection so put the whole thing in a padded CD mailer.  She had to open the CD mailer, then the envelope, then the purse to get to the gum--"silly gramma!"

Now in my retirement, I am a Stampin' Up! demonstrator (very, very part-time) and like finding fun paper projects for others to enjoy making.  It is rewarding for me to watch others having fun making paper crafts they can share with family and friends.

A few of my favorite websites for ideas are:

For supplies these websites are favs:
  • (of course!  To get their preferred pricing, you need to go through a demonstrator so contact me to get the best prices.  I can also add you to my stamping club email list to receive updates, specials and free gifts from "Stamp Happy Kat"!)
Well, that about wraps it up for my paper addiction.  Have a great day indulging in YOUR "addictions". I will be making some Thank You cards today so may post them for you to see tomorrow:)  
Till then, Kat

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