Friday, May 2, 2014

Five Things Friday

Well, it I guess I needed a break yesterday because I didn't make it back yesterday:( Whew! The A to Z Blogging Challenge took a lot out of me...too much thinking! 

So, on to my 5 Things...

  • Our strawberry patch died or mostly anyway. But the other day while hubby and I were cleaning out one of the Square Foot Gardening beds to plant some strawberry plants he purchased, we found several plants that had volunteered in some of the squares! Woo Hoo! 

Oops! It looks like I made a shadow in my photo. Aren't these little plants cute? I love baby plants! I will share again when they get bigger!
  • I am participating in Carla's 21 Day Financial Fast at My 1/2 Dozen Daily. She is using the book The 21 Day Financial Fast by Michelle Singletary. I already blew it:( Well, only kinda! It just so happened that May 1 was the first day I could order new catalogs and pre-order items from Stampin' Up! I didn't think my customers would be very happy with having to wait almost a month to have the new catalog in their hot little hands. I did spend the very minimum but still spent $72. So for the rest of the 21 days I will have to be a good girl--no unnecessary spending!
  • I am probably going on a road trip via motorhome from Washington to Missouri the first two weeks of June! Some long-time family friends invited me to go with them on this trip and then I will fly home from Missouri! Another good reason for a financial fast!
  • Our dogs were enjoying the sunshine yesterday and actually allowed me to take pictures...
Our sweet little Rockstar, Rocky

Of course, our Big Boy, Beau!
  • Today is my 700th post!!! Woo Hoo! Who knew back in July of 2010 that I would have enough to show and tell to fill 700 posts?!!! 
Thank you for visiting today and sharing my 700th post with me! Have a great weekend!