Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Z is for Zipfizz

Photo from the Zipfizz website

Once upon a time, we were visiting Costco and one of the product demonstrators offered us a bottle of water with Zipfizz added to it! We were sold! I love this stuff!

According the the Zipfizz website,
Zipfizz is healthy energy in a tube! Give your body a rush of
vitamins, minerals and key amino acids to protect the immune
system. Zipfizz has created an advanced formula that provides a significant amount of vitamins, fewer calories, lower carbohydrates,
superior taste, variety and unique packaging! Simply put, it's
different because it's good for you!

Use Zipfizz as a morning or afternoon pick-me-up, or enhance
your training by taking it before, during, or after a hard workout.
Because Zipfizz contains no sugar, users will experience an
increased energy level for up to 4 - 6 hours with out the sudden
"crash" associated with other energy drinks.
When I drink Zipfizz I get a calm energy--no jitters! When I was working, I would drink a Zipfizz mid-afternoon to get through the afternoon slump! Now, I often have one late morning. For 90 cents per tube (Costco price) it is far less expensive than a latte! 

Zipfizz contains 41,667% vitamin B12! This equals energy! 

If you decide to try Zipfizz, let me know what you think!



  1. Was hoping you had a post on retirement, was surprised to see an advertisement.

    Last day for a-z

    1. I didn't really think about Z and retirement! I am ready for the A to Z to be over though it has been a good experience!