Friday, April 5, 2013

E is for e-books

The e-book I am currently reading

Trying to decide what I was going to blog about starting with the letter E was most difficult but finally decided to write about e-books! I am a diehard book reader! I enjoy sitting down with a real book, turning the real paper pages so I didn't think I would like e-books at all. Last October my hubby bought me an iPad so I decided to try an e-book via the Kindle app. I was pleasantly surprised! While I don't think e-books will ever replace real books for me, I do find them to be a great alternative. 

My next book to read
My favorite aspect of e-books is how little room they take when traveling. I just load up my iPad with some good reads and off I go! It beats having a stack of books and magazine to take with me!

How do you feel about e-books? 
Thanks for stopping by today. I will be back tomorrow with a post on the letter F. Have a great day!



  1. I agree...I thought I might find the medium of ebooks unconvincing but once I start reading I forget it's not a "real" book because it really is! It still takes me on a journey somewhere else. And besides, I don't have to (1) keep passing books on or (2) buy new bookcases.

    1. I totally agree! A good book is a good book regardless of the medium! Thanks for visiting Pauleen!

  2. They are so easy to read in bed!

    1. I love being able to read when hubby wants the light off:) Thanks for stopping by Kristin!