Sunday, April 28, 2013

X is for the Letter X

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The letter X was/is a difficult assignment! What words start with the letter X? There are a lot of words that start with the X sound but not very many words and they are sooo boring! However, having said that, I did visit a blog that wrote about the Xerox machine! It was most interesting and brought back some not so good memories of the mimeograph machine and carbon paper:( I started having flash backs as I was reading her post. You can read Inger's post at Desert Canyon Living. #1 Nana wrote about X Marks the Spot! And Susan at Garden of Eden Blog wrote about Xenophobia.

I am just writing about the letter X! When I was looking in the dictionary I was intrigued by the fact that X is both a noun and a verb! I knew about the noun part but X as a verb--really???

X as a noun...

  • The 24th letter of the English alphabet. X is a consonant.
  • Used in mathmatis for showing a number whose value you do not know.
  • The Roman numeral for 10.
  • Used instead of saying the name of a person or place when you do not know it, or when you are using them as an example.
  • Informal--A symbol used for writing a kiss, usually at the end of a letter.
  • X was used in the past for saying that a film was not suitable for people under the age of 18 (or in my case EVER!)
--Macmillan Online Dictionary
X as a verb...

Mark or make a sign with an X

  • Overwrite or obliterate with an X or a series of X's
  • Make void or annul; invalidate: we're all X-ing things out of our curricula
--New Oxford American Dictionary

Whew! That's it for the letter X! Two more letters to go in the A to Z Blog Challenge! It looks like I am really going to make it! When this is all over I promise to have some cards to show! Maybe even a whole week of them:) 

Have a great day and I will be back in a little bit for the Sunday Night Chit-Chat!



  1. Seems like I was just here, commenting on the letter W and becoming your latest follower. Your blog is very cheerful and makes one want to come back to see what you will write about. Thank you so much for mentioning my X post. Sorry about the flash backs, I had some too as I wrote it.

    1. Well, I am caught up...till tomorrow! Thanks for visiting again AND your kind words! The flashbacks make us appreciate what we have NOW!

  2. I read your post and thought it was a funny coincidence that we'd both happened to read the same blog on the X day. And then I realised it was a different post about Xerox. The one I read is here, in case you're interested in some more flashbacks :)

    The month has flown past but I think I'm glad to be getting to the end of the challenge. Thanks for making me aware of it, though, it has been interesting to say the least.