Thursday, January 12, 2012

Newest Knitting Project

One of my resolutions for 2011 was to knit a simple pair of fingerless mittens. I got to December 30 and had not even attempted to make a pair so decided to search for a pattern and find a pair of size 6 double-pointed knitting needles in my stash (most of which was passed down to me from my Grandmother via my Mom). Well, I got my first mitten finished on January 1 but because I hate to check gauge and I knit loose, it was too big (see it's NOT a waste of time to check gauge). 
So I am calling this my practice mitten:) Off to my stash I went to find smaller needles--didn't have size 4 which I thought I needed so decided on size 5. The needles are so slick and the yarn is so soft I kept losing my stitches off the ends of the double-pointed needles so ended up using guards on the points to keep my stitches on. 

Yesterday my dear husband was out and about so I asked him to stop into a locally owned yarn shop in The Dalles called The Whole Ball of Yarn to purchase me some Bamboo knitting needles in sizes 4 and 5. Bamboo feels smooth but has a bit of tooth to it so the stitches don't slip off but it doesn't snag the yarn--helps keep the stitches from falling off. We'll see if I can get a pair knitted now.

The second picture shows how far I am with the first mitten knitted on size 5 needles--this one felt right when I tried it on. Beside the mitten is my new package of bamboo needles that I will be switching to on the next round. 

When I finish this pair of fingerless mittens, I think I will knit the second sock to a pair I started about 10 years ago. I have always been able to say I could knit "sock" but never been able to say I could knit socks! Who knows, maybe everybody on my list will get socks and fingerless mittens for Christmas next year!

That leads me to one of my "goals" for 2012--to make or purchase two Christmas gifts and one birthday gift every month. I also want to wrap them, tag them and put them where I can find them when I need them.

I will update you on how I did (or didn't do) with some of my 2011 resolutions (goals) in a future post. I also want to share more of my goals for 2012. Doesn't "goals" sound better than "resolutions"? 

Thanks for stopping by today. Kat

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