Tuesday, January 24, 2012

In Search of the Perfect Vegan Pizza

I am searching for the Perfect Vegan Pizza! Which, of course, starts with the PERFECT pizza crust! Last night I made the pizza on the left and it was okay, but I'm looking for GREAT! I used Pesto for the sauce then topped it with fresh spinach, olives, red bell pepper, fresh mushrooms and fresh tomatoes (still from last summer's garden but stored in the greenhouse). I should have used a bigger pan so the crust wouldn't be so thick around the edges. And the oil in the pesto seeped through the crust and made it a little soggy in the middle. The flavor was good. Lots of work yet to be done before I have a recipe to share.

If you have a great Pizza Dough recipe, please let me know. Pizza is on my 10 favorite foods list so making a Perfect Vegan Pizza is important to me.

Thanks for stopping by today. Kat

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  1. I'd love the recipe once you're satisfied with the results!! looks yummy!!