Friday, January 6, 2012

Mark THAT Restaurant Off My List!

Let me start off by saying that we live at least an hour away from any town that has more than 1500 people so nice restaurants are a luxury for me. Last week my husband and I went to the Tri-Cities (a two hour drive) and were planning to have a late lunch. P.F. Chang's was the place I wanted to eat. I love the atmosphere. The service is good. And I remembered the food being good. 

We are vegetarians and typically have an easy time ordering in Asian restaurants. We are frequently able to order even meat dishes and just have them leave the meat out. At P.F. Chang's we found there to be a very limited Vegetarian section so I decided to order from the Rice/Noodle section only to find out that all rice and noodle dishes (even without meat) have oyster sauce! I know a lot of non-vegetarians who wouldn't want oyster sauce in their food!!! We ordered Spring Rolls (which I love), Mao Po Tofu and another tofu dish. The food was delicious but I have decided that on those limited occasions when we are able to eat out together, we will choose another restaurant with a better selection for vegetarians!

Since I am on a rant--well, not really but I could really get worked up to one on this subject--WHY, oh why would a company roast nuts in PEANUT OIL when there are so many people allergic to peanuts! I am allergic to peanuts so am a label reader for my own protection. I LOVE roasted cashews but find that most of them are roasted in peanut oil:( Some roasted nut labels say whatever "oil OR peanut oil". Really now, should I take that chance?!!! My hubby did find roasted cashews for me at Trader Joe's that use Rice Bran Oil. Thank you Trader Joe's! I also like Moose Munch but they also have the "or peanut oil" on the package. 

Thanks for stopping by today! I don't rant often so don't let it scare you off:) Have a great day. Kat

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