Thursday, April 28, 2011

1500 Blog Views!!!

Some days I get a little discouraged with blogging because I would love to have a little more interaction but on other days--the best days--I am just writing because I want to write; I have something I want to communicate.

In looking at the stats for my blog, I was shocked to see that since the end of June 2010, I have had 1564 visits to my blog!  WOW! That was pretty exciting!!! And the really surprising part was where those visits came from. In the last month I have had the following visits:

  • 115 from the United States
  • 11 from Slovenia
  • 2 from Pakistan
  • 1 from Canada
  • 3 from Iran
  • 2 from Malaysia
  • 1 from Russia
  • 1 from Brazil
  • 3 from China
  • 2 from Sinapore
In addition to the above countries, in the last year my blog has also been visited by people living in Bularia, South Korea, Germany, Demark, Australia and the United Kingdom. It's almost too much to wrap my brain around that a little blog about what I was going to do with myself in retirement would be viewed by people all over the world! Thank you one and all. I feel blessed.

In celebration of my 1500 plus blog visits, I will be giving away the following Blog Candy! It includes:
  • Card stock 
  • Sheet of die cuts
  • Hostess Level 2 Stampin' Up! stamp set called "Apple Blossoms"
  • 10 blank cards with envelopes
  • Ribbon
  • Bling
  • Embellishments and stickers
The first five items on the list are Stampin' Up! products; the last two are just fun stuff I threw in. You have four chances to win. First, sign up as a "follower" of my blog. Second, post a comment telling me why you read my blog--easy:) Third, email your friends and tell them to check out my blog, then post a comment telling me you did so. Fourth, if you have a blog, do a blog post about my Blog Candy Giveaway, then post a comment with your blog address.  The deadline for this Blog Candy Giveaway will be May 21st. I will pick the winner on May 22--bright and early:) I am sorry but I can only take submissions from the United States because of the cost of mailing internationally.

Thank you again for visiting my blog. Great things are ahead:)  Kat


  1. i love reading your blog because of all the yummy recipes i get from it, and for the crafting inspiration!

  2. emailed my friends to check out your blog :) I'm sure they'll enjoy it as much as i do :)

  3. blog candy alert posted on:

    thanks for the chance to win!!