Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Great Gift Idea!

I was trying to think of another one of my favorite websites to share with you today and remembered Just My Music.com.  Now, I am kicking myself for not sharing it before Christmas:(  Oh well, we still have a year of birthdays ahead and there is always NEXT Christmas!

I first heard of Just My Music.com last summer at my granddaughter's birthday party.  My daughter and I had decorated for a Princess Tea Party birthday party.  The guests would arrive dressed as little princesses.  The guests would drink their "tea" from Gramma's English tea cups.  However, my daughter realized we didn't have any Princess Tea Party music!  The precious princesses started arriving with their mothers and one mother handed my daughter a CD called Disney Princess Tea Party!!!  My daughter was surprised and pleased. She put the CD in the player and the delightful music began to play.  My granddaughter's name was in every song!!!  So, we started quizzing the guest and found out this is a business she does out of her home.  WOW! My granddaughter was sooo busy with her birthday party that she didn't realize until later that the songs had her name in them.  She was so delighted!!  What a great surprise for any little girl or boy!

When you visit the website, www.justmymusic.com, you will see the variety of personalized CDs and DVDs you have to choose from. You can hear samples of songs with your child's name. In addition to Disney, they also carry Veggie Tales, Wiggles, Wubbles, Jesus Loves Me, Chanukka, Nursery Rhymes, etc. This is a gift that is guaranteed NOT to be duplicated at the next birthday party or other gift giving event.

Have a great time visiting Just My Music.com and let me know what you think. Kat

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