Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Do You Wanna Be a Fly Baby?

Several years ago I was introduced to FlyLady.net. What an interesting and helpful website to help you get your house clean and organized.  I followed the Fly Lady for a few years then got sidetracked and am now in need of the Fly Lady again.  One of my New Year's Resolutions is to get organized with the help of the Fly Lady. 

Today's assignment from FlyLady.net was to throw away 27 items from under the kitchen sink. I think the items under the kitchen sink have babies cuz I sure don't remember putting all that stuff down there.  Could I have put it there if I don't even know what it is?!!! And the focus for the month is to clean the kitchen sink and keep it clean.  Now, you can't have a clean sink with dishes in it so ya gotta do the dishes then clean the sink:)


"FlyLady uses the Sidetracked Home Executive (SHE) system as a basis for organizing her home and her life. She adds humor, spunk, and a dose of common sense to her advice, but be prepared - FlyLady does not allow whining. You have to get off your "Franny"!
First, you join as a FlyBaby. You will receive your e-mail Welcome Letters from FlyLady instructing you on how to get started. You will also receive regular e-mail reminders from FlyLady about zones, decluttering, laundry, shoes (honestly - shoes are very important here!) and more. Don't feel overwhelmed! FlyLady will keep you on track using small baby steps. And FlyBabies - no peeking at all of the routines, etc. shown on the FlyLady website. You are just getting started!
Now, as you progress, Flylady will send you e-mail to help you develop routines to get you going in the morning and to send you off to sleep in the evening. She's tough here - routines are very important! It takes 21 days to form a habit, but for SHEs, it takes 28 days. FlyLady is going to insist you shine your sink too - you'll soon find out why!
Decluttering is next. FlyLady will help you declutter your house using Hot Spot Fire Drills and the 27-Fling Boogie. If the thought of decluttering your home is overwhelming - don't worry - Flylady has been there and knows what you are going through! In fact, FlyLady still has her own "dungeon" of clutter that she is working on!
It doesn’t matter whether you are a male or female, single or married, working in or out of the home, have kids or not, this can work for you. You can easily adapt FlyLady’s system to fit your own lifestyle. You will find that with time, your house and life will pull together." --from FlyLady.net website
One of my favorite acronyms that Fly Lady uses is CHAOS--Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome!  I'm not there but have areas in my home that I would be embarrassed for anyone to see.  I want to get them under control before it becomes CHAOS! You will hear more about Fly Lady this year as I progress in getting organized. I hope you will join me.  Kat


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