Thursday, December 2, 2010

An Unusual Experience

This week hubby and I made an overnight trip to Bend, OR.  It was great--haven't been for several months and always a fun place to go!

Volt Lighting

On Tuesday, after a delicious meal at the Taj Palace on Wall Street--hubby loves Indian food and this was one of the best Indian restaurants I have been to--we were strolling down Wall Street, looking in the windows, when we came to VOLT Lighting shop.  Now, honestly, when was the last time you purposely walked into a lighting store?!  According to Brent Newman, most people decide on lights for their homes when they are strolling though Home Depot or Lowe's.  Well, after visiting VOLT, I decided those people (and me, previous to this occasion) are missing out on unusual design opportunities.  We found beautiful but unique light fixtures, led task lamps, wall mounted lamps, led tape strips that could be put virtually anywhere--indoors or out, fans--fun and conventional. Brent also showed us some fun gift ideas--a small fan that can be programmed with sayings; a swarovski crystal necklace with an led light inside the crystal and, my favorite, a table top 3-D Hologram Chamber (put an item inside and it looks like it is sitting on top!).

According to Brent's business card, "Great lighting is never an accident" and I believe it after seeing the wonderful selection in the shop.  They have a larger store, Design Lighting, at 1125 NE 2nd in Bend but for a very personal shopping experience and design suggestions I would suggest you visit with Brent at the VOLT Lighting shop at 903 NW Wall Street first.

Light up someone's life today!  Kat