Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Brad's Deals

Do you love a bargain?  I am a bargain shopper!  I love to thrift store shop because I love getting gently used, name brand items for next to nothing.  The only thing more enjoyable in the shopping realm than thrift store shopping is getting NEW for next to nothing!!!  A few years ago I discovered a website that told me the "deals" that were available today...this minute!  It was www.slickdeals.net. It is a great website, no doubt about it.  However, a friend shared one I like even better, www.bradsdeals.com!  If you have time to check both of them, they do have some different items.  Brad's Deals comes right to my inbox once a day.  I can quickly scan to see if there is anything I need or want.  This past year I got a pair of Croc flip flops for $10 (free shipping); Disney Princess flip flops for my granddaughter 2 pr for $10 (free shipping); a 600 thread count duvet with shams for $39 (free shipping); magazine subscriptions for $4 (Taste of Home, Family Fun, Rachel Ray, MacLife--just to mention a few), an atomic watch for my husband for $10 (he loves it because it sets itself when the time changes); memory card readers for $5 each.  Hmmm...I know I purchased more, just can't remember what!  Anyway, you get the idea!  Some of my favorite "deals" to watch for are from www.6pm.com.  When was the last time you purchased a pair of Dexter, Skechers or Rockport shoes for under $30?  

Purchases are made through the company making the offer, not Brad's Deals.  Brad's Deals also has in-store and online coupons and promo codes.

Check out www.bradsdeals.com and let me know what great "deals" you find.  Don't forget who gave you the tip!  Thanks, Tonia for telling me about Brad's Deals!  Kat

www.6pm.com (so many brands, so little time:)

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