Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Night Chit-Chat

I found this quote on Pinterest this week! I really have to limit (severely) my time on Pinterest because I could spend HOURS looking at all there is to see! I would never get anything done if I just let myself go on Pinterest! Just going to the site to get the link I almost got distracted...

Well, it's time again for the Sunday Night Chit-Chat and Carla at My 1/2 Dozen Daily got us started. To play along just go to Carla's blog and follow the directions.

I am...

Reading...Vegetarian Times Magazine--want to make the yummy looking Butternut Squash Pizza; Homemade Bread from the editors of Hobby Farm Home Magazine

Watching...Nothing at the moment. Hoping to read tonight:)

Listening to...The dogs chewing on their Nylabones; hubby doing business on the phone and the air conditioner humming in the background. Really needed the air conditioner today as temp was about 100 degrees (F).

Cooking/Baking...Planning to make the Banana Nut Bread and the Healthful Zucchini Bread recipes from Homemade Bread. For dinner today we had corn on the cob, fresh green beans from the garden and wraps made with Lavash and veggies from the garden. So yummy:)

Happy I accomplished this week...

  • Thank you cards made and sent to last month's Stampin' Up! customers
  • Swap card figured out and samples made
  • Apricots dried and canned
  • Some emails answered that were long overdue
Looking forward to this week...
  • Stamping Club on Wednesday
  • Some nice visits with friends before Stamping Club
  • Eating more yummy veggies from the garden
Thankful for today...

My continually improving health. Today I realized that after nearly 3 years the eczema on my left elbow is nearly gone! That is usually a sign that my overall health is improving:)


What hobby have I always wanted to learn? Do I have plans on trying to learn? Why or why not?

The hobby I have always wanted to learn is quilting. I have a great deal of admiration for those who quilt and the skill/patience required. However, I have no plans to take up this hobby because of the money involved. IF I did quilt I would only want to use the best fabric and at $10+/yard it is an expensive hobby. Since I already have an expensive hobby--stamping--I figure one is enough. All of that being said, I may so some small quilted pieces like potholders, table runners and tote bags so will leave that open.

Thank you for stopping by to check on my Sunday Night Chit-Chat. Be sure to check out Carla's Sunday Night Chit-Chat as well to see what she's been up to! She is one busy lady!!!

I hope you check back tomorrow for another fun card!



  1. Love the quote!! So very true! :) Mmm...nothing better than garden fresh veggies!! Fabric is it's $20/yard!!! :( I buy 99.8% of my fabric from the U.S. And yes, I like designer fabric as well! ;)

  2. Oh my! And I thought ours was expensive!!! That's what we get for being fabric snobs:)

  3. I can smell the fresh bread baking from here!! Quilting can be expencive but not as much as scrapbooking. I know I have several hundreds of dollars in each of my scrapbooks but I can pull off a nice size lap quilt for less than $150.00. Still a lot of money but watching the sales really helps, I only use the best fabric since the quilts should be around for generations

  4. I know I have thousands of dollars in cardmaking/scrapbooking supplies but since it's a business I get to write-off a lot of the expense. I do have some Thimbleberries quilt kits I bought years ago so should pull them out this winter and get started!