Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy Homemaker Monday

Well, it is 4:30 in the afternoon and I still don't have a card for you so decided to take a break from my cardmaking and do the Happy Homemaker Monday started each week by Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom. I haven't participated for a few weeks but so happy to do so now:)

The Weather...Sunny and hot! It was over 80 degrees (F) when I got up at 6:00 this morning. It is currently 100 degrees with a very slight breeze blowing. So happy my hubby bought the small air conditioner (even though I didn't think we needed it)--it makes the house bearable!

On my reading pile...Magazines and a cookbook at the moment:

  • Homemade Bread from the editors of Hobby Farm Home Magazine
  • Vegetarian Times Magazine--my absolute must have favorite
  • Love of Knitting Magazine to get inspired to knit some winter goodies--I know, in 100 degree weather how can I think about knitting caps, scarves and gloves?!!!
On my tv...Nothing! Since they took Dogs in the City off, there isn't much I want to watch:( 

On the menu for the week...
Until it cools down, we will be eating sandwiches. Fortunately we have tomatoes, cucumber, onions and bell peppers in the garden to make great sandwiches. I am hoping to make some Danish Rye Bread tomorrow but will have to wait till evening to bake it so as not to heat up the house.

On my to do list...
  • Finish getting ready for Stamping Club (Wednesday)--2 projects down, one to go.
  • Get swaps finished and ready to mail
  • Make applesauce out of sweet crab apples hubby picked the other day.
  • Make the banana bread and zucchini bread I put off baking yesterday
  • Try my hand at a couple loaves of Danish Rye Bread
What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or crafting...
  • Projects for Stamping Club
  • Swaps
  • Doily I need to finish but haven't had the motivation. 
  • Does reading about projects count?!!!
Homemaking Tips...
I like to use a sponge in the kitchen but it easily gets a sour smell. Sooo, I started putting it in the top rack of the dishwasher when I run the dishes. Tada...fresh sponge. Also, I was forgetting to change the sponge until it was old and grungy so now I change my sponge on the first of every month (if not before). 

Looking around the house...Dogs everywhere since it's too hot for them to be outside--our miniature dachshund, Petey; our Great Dane, Beau; and last but not least my son's English Bulldog, Rocky! Also have the coffee table littered with my magazines and catalogs. Other than that it looks pretty good.

From the camera... 
Picture is of our second drying project in our new Food PANtrie food dryers. We sliced the sweet crab apples with the Pampered Chef Mandolin and put them out to dry.

There are five racks in each Food PANtrie and we have two of them. This next picture is of the bag of apricots we dried last week (minus the ones we have been munching on)

I could get addicted to drying food:)

On my prayer list...
Two friends with cancer and their families.

Bible verse, Devotional...
"Your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask Him." Then why ask? The idea of prayer is not in order to get answers from God; prayer is perfect and complete oneness with God. If we pray because we want answers, we will get huffed with God. The answers come every time, but not always in the way we expect, and our spiritual huff shows a refusal to identify ourselves with Our Lord in prayer. We are not here to prove God answers prayers; we are here to be living monuments of God's grace." --from My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers

Well, that's it for my Monday. I will try really hard to have a card for you tomorrow! 


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  1. Love drying food, it can become quite addicting lol

    Hope you're having a good week :)