Tuesday, March 22, 2011

All Things Apple

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We have become an Apple household.  My husband has a Mac Mini. I have a MacBook Pro and an iPod Touch.  We love our Apple products!  The iPad is on my wish list. 

My husband has his own list of why he likes his Apple computer.  My list, however, involves the iTunes App Store!  I am amazed at the number and variety of apps you can purchase for a very small amount or get for FREE! I have only downloaded a few apps for my MacBook but have downloaded hundreds for my iPod Touch. I am officially an App Junkie. The apps I have downloaded range from the Bible and religious books to time management apps and games.  There truly is an app for everything!  Recently I downloaded an app called "My Kid Said". Now when my daughter tells me something my granddaughter has said or done that is noteworthy, I type the information into "My Kid Said". I have cookbook apps, an app to text for free, news apps, dictionary and thesaurus apps and even "Word a Day". By the way, today's word is "pertinacious" which means stubborn; determined. I have knitting apps and productivity apps.  It is truly amazing what you can find.  I even have an app called "App Miner" that tells me when apps are on sale!

If I don't answer when you call, I just might be downloading more Apps for my iPod Touch.  Leave a message and I will return your call:)


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