Tuesday, August 10, 2010

One of My Favorite Things

On the sidebar, I have a list of my favorite things.  One of my favorite things is Stamping Club!  The third Thursday of every month I meet with a group of friends to do rubber stamping and paper crafts!  LOVE IT! One friend supplies the house, another brings the eats and I bring the "project(s)" of the evening.  We have a great time!

Treat Pouches 
This month I have asked to be "the hostess".  I will bring the eats--Strawberry Shortcake and I will be bringing party favors for those who attend (see photo).  The surprise for the ladies will be what's inside since many of them read my blog:)  I'm afraid I have a long way to go in the photography department as these are so much cuter than the picture shows.  Can you see the Dazzling Diamonds glitter on the initials?  Well, trust me, it's there. Since I don't have an original idea--ever, I want to give credit to Dawn Griffith for these Treat Pouches and also for the adorable Shirt Card in the next photo.  You can view Dawn's wonderful card ideas and videos at www.dawnsstampingthoughts.net .

This Shirt Card was a little tricky at first but sooo much fun once I got the hang of it.  I will most likely make dozens of them.  I have already decided to make them for Father's Day next year.  Now that's thinking ahead.  Now I said I had decided to make them but if history is any indicator, I will start making them the week before Father's Day.  I always struggle with making appropriate cards for men.  Women's and kids' cards are EASY but men's can be a challenge.  Funny story:  My dear hubby is really not into cards and gifts at all.  He looks at the card, says, "Thanks, nice card!" then sets it aside.  Well, on Father's Day, when he wasn't looking, I scooped up the cards and put them away to give him again next year.  We'll see how many years it takes before he notices:)))

My favorite thing about Stamping Club is the people who come to share with me in the joy of paper crafting.  This group of ladies make me laugh even when I have had a bad day.  I always leave Stamping Club happy that I went and thankful for each person who comes.

So I'm off to make more Treat Pouches for Stamping Club and a few Thank You notes while I'm at it.

Stamp Happy Kat!

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