Sunday, August 15, 2010

2nd Ride, Same as the First...

...A whole lot longer and a whole lot worse!  Just kidding!!!

Our church was having a church campout with the Hermiston SDA Church at Camp Elkanah in the Blue Mountains between Ukiah and LaGrande so Hubby and I decided to ride the motorcycle over on Saturday to enjoy the camp and campers for the day.  Camp Elkanah is a beautiful camp with extraordinary facilities.  The kitchen and dining hall are modern facilities that are easy to work and serve in.  The "cabins" are old railroad cars that are still on their wheels.  There is a game facility with ping pong, foos ball, air hockey, carpet bowling, etc.  Outdoors there are walking trails, miniature golf, a creek, playground and grassy places to sit and visit and a challenge course (if special arrangements are made in advance).

The ride over on the motorcycle was twice as long as the ride to The Dalles but uneventful.  Beautiful weather, a few stops to stretch my legs, and paved roads winding into the Blue Mountains.  It was great! About 7:00 pm we decided to get going as we had hopes of being home before it got too dark.  What we hadn't thought through was that the sun would be shining in our eyes:(  Just before we got to Ukiah, we very nearly hit a deer--just didn't see it!  However, Hubby was able to swerve, skid, miss the deer AND keep the bike upright!  Yay!!  Actually, it all happened before I really knew what was going on so didn't wet my pants:D  I really enjoyed the ride home; was getting into the movement and sound of the bike.  I think I'm going to like this.  A few more of these shorter trips and I will be ready to hit the road.  I am already planning our next trip:)

One thing is for sure though.  I am going to purchase a new helmet.  The one I am using is my son's and while it does fit, it is sooo heavy and has the mouth protection, face shield, etc.  It looks like a space helmet and by the time we got home my neck was sore from holding that silly helmet up:(  I just want a pink or purple helmet with a face shield (the wind seems to go over our windshield right into my face).  Guess we will be shopping in the next week or two for one.

Now, I have laid down a few ground rules--one of which is NO SLEEPING ON THE GROUND!  Also, we will eat in restaurants and make frequent stops to stretch my legs; potty stops too:)

Wish me luck on my next ride--Kat!

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