Friday, August 9, 2013

A Little This and a Little That

Just a quick post today! I drove to the post office this morning to make sure my Artist Trading Card Swaps went out in the mail TODAY! Whew! I always love getting the mail and today was no different. I had my certificate from Stampin' Up! for promoting to Senior Supervisor, a swap card from my darling daughter,  Stampin' Success Magazine (for Demonstrators Only!), Costco Coupon Book (love those), plus the new book I ordered, The Fast Metabolism Diet by Haylie Pomroy (more on this later)! Now my die-hard readers may be saying, "Isn't that the book she was reading last week?" And you would be right! Hubby ordered the book from Amazon and I started reading some of it on Amazon but then decided to just download the Kindle version to my iPad! 

And also in the box from Amazon was my new Eat Smart Precision Tracker Bathroom Scale...

Whoo Hoo! Do you detect a theme here?!!! Oh my! Our old bathroom scale weighed different every time I stepped on it!  One day I weighed three times, one right after the other, and ever time was different! Sooo frustrating! Hopefully this scale will be different plus we can program in each family member and it will automatically know who it is! Now that I've got to see!

Sorry to leave you with a tickler but you can get a pretty good idea of what I have in mind from the items above. Will share with you next week!

Have a great weekend!


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