Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Not on My List!

Good Morning! I had every intention of posting yesterday but...stuff happens! So I thought it might be interesting to show the difference between what was on MY list and what actually got done!

My List:

  • Blog doing Happy Homemaker Monday
  • Write email to my Happy Stampers reminding them about stamping club on Wednesday night.
  • Nap
  • Dishes
  • Work on the projects for Wednesday night's stamping club
  • Laundry--2+ loads
What actually happened:
  • One load of laundry--washed and hung up
  • Hubby's car wouldn't start so he had to cancel his appointments and call the auto repair. They said it was most likely the starter and told him how to start it so I quickly got dressed and drove 1 1/2 hours to The Dalles to take the car to the shop--fortunately we didn't have to have it towed! See there's always a silver lining:) Hubby drove the pickup so we could leave the car for a few days (hopefully just a few days).
  • Hubby and I met with his supervisor over lunch.
  • We got home in time to start dinner--by that time I am done! Productivity (if there was any) is over!
  • Dishes actually got done.
  • Took the clothes off the line, folded them and put them away.
Today should work more according to plan. Hubby is off to the Tri-Cities for his appointments; I have one load of clothes on the line and the dishes are done! I wrote the email to my Happy Stampers and will scoot upstairs to work on some projects:) Plus, I am still planning to do the Happy Homemaker Monday...on Tuesday!

Have a great day! 


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