Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Okay, a little background here. We adopted a Great Dane dog from the Willamette Great Dane Rescue in Portland about nine years ago. His name was Blue. The couple who had him since he was a puppy had to move into an apartment and couldn't keep him so wanted to place him through the Willamette Great Dane Rescue. I don't know how much you know about Great Danes, but they have a lifespan of 8-9 years. Blue lived to be 11 years old but passed away the middle of July. About two weeks after Blue died, my husband said he needed to call Lynn at Willamette Great Dane Rescue to put our name on their waiting list for another dog. My husband thought it might take a couple of months for Lynn to find the right dog for us. Well...two weeks later we got a call from Lynn telling us there was a 15 month old, male Great Dane in The Dalles who needed a home. So much for a couple of months!!!

My hubby went right over to check out the situation! The dog had (has) issues--fear of men and fear of anyone wearing a hat. He was very attached to his female owner. My husband is very tall so decided to kneel down to let the dog get used to him. The dog circled around behind him and bit him on the upper arm! He is a very beautiful dog and my husband decided he wanted him in spite of the fact that he got bit. However, the dog wouldn't get into the pickup with my husband so he ended up having the owner ride to our house with the dog and then stay for a bit while he got a little more comfortable. The first night neither my husband nor I could get close to him but the next day I was his best friend. The third day we had him my husband still could not pet him or get close to him so I sat on my husband's lap and petted the dog. Then he started petting him and I quit. After that my husband could pet him if he was sitting or lying down. When my husband was standing up he was just too intimidating for the poor thing.

The dog came with the name of Scooby but we changed it to Beau (lady's man) and it fits him perfectly. After two months he is getting over his fear of men although when my husband is gone all day and comes home after dark Beau is spooked by him. He hasn't bit anyone recently. He still thinks I am the best thing since sliced cheese:) He has a lot of energy so we have been walking him three miles in the mornings and a mile and a half most evenings. This has been great for my weight loss but also channels some of that energy. Beau has a funny habit if sitting on the furniture--he just backs up and sits down. It looks so funny as you can see in the picture above. His favorite seats are my husband's chair and a loveseat we have on the deck.

Beau is a great dog and we feel very fortunate to have him. His personality is really starting to blossom. I will be so happy though when he gets secure enough to stop following me from room to room. He is getting a little better about it but still has a ways to go. 

I will keep you posted on our rescue dog experience.

Have a great day!  Kat

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