Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wedding Reception

As I said last week, I was the wedding coordinator for a friend's wedding on July 10. She had some adorable decorations for the receptions and I was really hoping to have a better picture than this but this turns out to be the only one my husband took of the decorations.  Guess I should have taken a few pictures myself but I was soooo busy!  On the tables were these adorable planters that looked like teacups--some with dragonflies on them and some solid purple. Then there were two different bird houses--some said Honeymoon Nest and some said Love Nest. These were interspersed with votive cups filled with Jelly Belly jelly beans. We had purple and lavender Japanese lanterns hanging from the ceiling of the tent. It looks like the photographers cameras and bags were also decorating the tables at the time of the picture.

The cake had a very smooth butter cream frosting with purple and silver ribbon at the bottom of each layer. Purple butterflies were attached with frosting in a swirl up the front of the cake. Silk gladiola blossoms topped the cake. The cake knife and server were the same ones my husband and I used at our wedding reception 32 years ago:)
The bride's father is standing behind the cake threatening to put his finger in it.

Weddings are wonderful and this one was no exception.

Have a great day and a good week.  Kat

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