Friday, July 22, 2011

Wait Till You See This!!!

I know I already posted today but this is for all the days I didn't:) I was checking out my friend, Crystal's blog and found out she's having a GIRL!!! She has a girl, Lily who will be six in October and a boy, Oliver who must be 2 1/2 now. Another girl is PERFECT!  Well, one of her sisters is also pregnant with a girl and the picture (right) is the Diaper Cake Crystal made her for her shower! Is that not the cutest thing EVER!!! Crystal tells step by step how to make the Diaper Cake on her blog--the post for July 18! I can hardly wait for the next baby shower:))) Wouldn't this make a beautiful centerpiece for the shower?

Have a great day!  I need to get something done!!! Kat

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