Thursday, May 5, 2011

Riding the Rails

I had a wonderful trip yesterday via Amtrak! What a great way to travel!!! We left the Portland Station on time and I arrived at my destination only 1/2 hour late.

My seat mate was a nice woman, mother of three teenaged kids and works at the local school with Native American teens. I think she also coaches the cheerleaders. Across the aisle and up one row was a woman who is a frequent train traveler. I swear she should have been a tour guide. Her seat mate was an older foreign gentleman who spoke very little English. However, our "tour guide" pointed out points of interest and the gentleman was busy videoing the sights. I appreciated the information as I had no idea what we were passing and it made the trip so much more interesting. The woman in front of my seat mate was developmentally delayed and kept asking our "tour guide" when the train would arrive at her destination. The "tour guide" was sooo very patient with the lady and seemed to allay her fears that she might somehow miss her stop. A woman straight across from our row ignored the repeated instruction to take cell phone calls to the vestibule between calls and talked on her cell phone for 1/2 hour in her seat!!! There always has to be one but it really wasn't annoying. It beat the last time I took the train and had a mother with her grown daughter sitting behind me arguing the WHOLE trip!!! Now THAT was annoying!!! 

I crocheted for at least three hours of the trip. Finished a baby afghan for one of my daughter's very special neighbor friends. She is expecting a baby girl in June and already has a super cute and funny little boy who recently turned two.

The weather was perfect--sunny and warm but not too warm! Couldn't have asked for better traveling weather. Now it looks like we will get rain for the next few days--through Mother's Day!

When I arrived my daughter and granddaughter were waiting for me and my granddaughter was sooo excited! She told me this morning that she loves for me to come and is sad when I leave. Warms the cockles of my heart:) My granddog was happy to see me too. She seemed to remember Gramma from when I was here two months ago and wanted LOTS of attention. She is one spoiled dog!!!

Have a great day! Don't forget to hug the ones you love and pray for those you don't!  Kat

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