Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mistaken Identity

Today I went to pick my granddaughter up at kindergarten. It was raining really hard so I got her umbrella out of the backseat and thought I could use it till she got out of school, then she could use it. She loves to use her umbrella:) I opened it pointed away from myself, of course, and put it over my head. I was getting some funny looks from teachers and kids but thought it was because it was a small umbrella. One teacher said, "Cute!" When my granddaughter came out of her class and I handed her the umbrella, I saw what everyone was smiling about--the umbrella has cat-like ears!!! How funny!!!

Then, my granddaughter and I walked to the car, unlocked with the clicker and as I was starting to put her in the car we saw that her booster seat wasn't in the car and as I looked to the front seat I noticed that my purse wasn't on the front seat where I left it. It wasn't our car!!! It was the same color, make and model but was not our car! My granddaughter got the biggest kick out of that and could hardly wait to tell her mom and dad when we got home. 

I hope you get in the right car to go home today:)  Kat


  1. LOL!! What a great story!! That's weird how it unlocked the car with your remote... either that or it wasn't locked at all! Good thing you noticed the missing booster and purse! LOL =)

  2. Very cute! Sounds like something I'd do.