Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sumpter OR Flea Market

Aerial of Downtown Sumpter
Last Sunday we made our little excursion to Sumpter, OR for their legendary Labor Day Weekend Flea Market.  "Sumpter is 4,424 feet above sea level.  The year-round population of Sumpter is approximately 191, consisting of 190 very nice people and one 'old grouch'.  In Sumpter, the Sumpter Valley Railway Restorations, Inc. operates a Historic Steam Narrow Gauge Railroad."  And, of course, the Flea Markets on Memorial Weekend, Fourth of July and Labor Day Weekend.

"It's all about the journey" so we had a great time.  On the way over we stopped in Ukiah at a cute little cafe/tavern and met a really nice man from the Netherlands who is riding his motorcycle (a Honda ST1100) in the U.S. for a month.  The way he and my hubby chatted on and on about motorcycles and riding, I thought our journey was over right then and there but, alas, we said our goodbyes and took off again heading toward Sumpter.  What a beautiful drive!  I highly recommend it.

Large round basket for my knitting
When we got to Sumpter, we did a little drive-through and I do mean "little"!  But, there were booths tucked away everywhere.  I was a little disappointed.  I was hoping for homemade items like quilts, knitted and crocheted items, blown glass, wood items, etc.  However most of the booths touted "garage/yard sale" and was junk I wouldn't give to Good Will.  There were booths with Watkins products, Scentsy candle products,  Mary Kay Cosmetics, dried fruit and nuts, ATV saddle bags, tools, and LOTS of food vendors.  One booth was selling baskets made by women in Ghana, West Africa.  Many of the women making these baskets are widows and the money from the baskets goes to support them.  I purchased my beautiful basket for $25 (unbelievable price) and was thrilled with my purchase.  Now that I look back on it, I wish I had bought another one as well.  The one I bought sits beside my bed with knitting projects in it.

We traveled home via LaGrande, stopping for Chinese food in LaGrande.  Pour hubby had to do the driving while I snoozed!  Again, "it's all about the journey":)

Next year we are talking about going over for the Memorial Weekend Flea Market (each weekend is different, I am told).  This time we will take a picnic basket with our lunch in it as there's not much for a vegetarian to eat in that part of the country.  Mark your calendars and we'll meet you there!  Kat

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  1. I love your basket! It is beautiful. Thank you for sharing :)